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Established in 1993, Gwan Kuen is one of the leading OEM services providers in Taiwan.  We are capable of providing cost-effective and high-quality one-stop service from raw material sourcing, PCB assembly, box build assembly to shipment.

Abundant OEM Experience and Engineering Support
Our clean modern workshop covers an area of 5,000 square meters and is equipped with high-speed SMT lines from Siemens/Germany.  We can provide 008004 chip placement and almost all components are acceptable, such as BGA, uBGA and so on.

Meeting ISO 9001/14001, UL, CCC, S Mark, PSE and TISI Standards
Our factory strictly adheres to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 guidelines, making our products acquire UL, CCC, S Mark, PSE and Thailand's TISI certificates. All our operations are under very strict quality inspections, including 3D SPI, 3D X-ray, 3D microscope and 3D AOI checking.
A complete QC system is also followed in the daily production, including checking by the IQC, IPQC, OQC and FQC teams.

All Processes Done In-house
By conducting all processes in-house, customers can easily follow up the manufacturing process.


1993年 創立

2000-2005年 通過ISO9001ISO14001認證,導入無鉛製程

2012年 增設3D X-Ray檢查機、3D電子顯微鏡 (300)

2013年 導入防錯料系統 (SMD Barcode System)

2014年 新增3D 錫膏印刷檢測機 (SPI)

2015年 新增西門子SMT高速線, 3D自動光學檢測機(AOI)及回焊爐實時監控系統

2016年 成功取得APPLE MFi產品製造工廠認證。 新增工業級烘烤乾燥櫃    

2017年 增購在線選擇性焊接系統。導入ESOP系統。增購3D AOI

2018年 新增自動送鎖螺絲機械手臂、自動膠帶封箱機及光纖雷射金屬打標雕刻機。更新 3D X-Ray

2019年 更新CNC PCB Router

2020年 擴編廠區達1500
            鋼板/PCB清洗機、工業級烘烤乾燥櫃(≦0.5% RH/φ≦1% RH /max. 60℃)

2021年 新增SMT首件檢查儀、升級更新SMT產線 (新增ASM全自動印刷機、ASM 3D SPI錫膏檢測機、

1993 Founded in Taiwan

2000-2005 Obtained ISO9001、ISO14001 certification。Implemented lead free process

2012 Installed a 3D X-Ray & 3D Microscope (300 Times)

2013 Implemented Error Proof System (SMD Barcode System)

2014 Installed a 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)

2015 Increased a SMT line (SIEMENS/Germany)、3D AOI (SAKI/Japan) and Reflow oven 
         temperature monitoring system

2016 Increased a baking dry cabinet、Obtained APPLE MFi Manufacturing License 

2017 Installed a Selective Soldering System、E-SOP System and 3D AOI

2018 Installed a four spindle auto screwing machine、Auto tape sealing machineFiber Laser 
         Marking Machine and a 3D X-Ray.

2019 Installed the latest CNC PCB Router to replace the old one.

2020 Relocated to current facility to keep up growing with demands (From 3.3Km2 to 5K m2).   
         Upgraded SMT Line。Installed SMD Rework System/StationPCB/Stencil Cleaning 
Baking dry cabinetNitrogen generator & Pallet strapping system

2021 Installed SMT First Article inspection System、Upgraded SMT Lines (Increased ASM new 
         generation of stencil printer
ASM self-learning inline expert SPI systemASM super
         high-speed mounter
Ersa HOTFLOW 3/20 Reflow Soldering System)